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Re: KDE-Gnome FAQ

Roberto Alsina wrote:
> I basically like it, but...
> a)  GIMP is not a GNOME app, I believe, I suggest you ask a GIMP
> developer or something to verify anyway.

I'll ask.
> and
> b)
> On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Kevin Forge wrote:
> > Myth : Drag and Drop doesn't work between KDE and Gnome apps.
> > Well KDE is switching to XDnD in it's next version ( currently in CVS )
> > which should be in BETA the same time as the next version of Gnome
> > which will also use XDnD.
> As far as I know, the GNOME guys have never promissed to support XDnD any
> time soon. They will implement Motif drag and drop and said they will
> sometime in the future "solve it by using multiprotocol dnd", but that
> doesn't sound nowhere near next version. As far as I can tell they are
> still using their Xde protocol.

So that "Mith" is true :(.  Too bad.
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