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This week has passed trying to save what it could be saved from our old
site.  There will be things who will need to be remade and we have lost
our lsit of subscribers.  :-(

Stephanie has fixed a number of bugs in some packages (mostly mine)
Now all we need is a volunter with a decent net access (I don't have
one) and a glibc based distrib to rebuild them.  However because these
bugs were mostly of concern for the person building the package
(related to BuildRoot) and didn't affect the final RPM the best woyld be
to let them like this but use Stephanie's SRPMS as a base for the day
they are upgraded.

For my part I tried to merge Donovan's ideas with mine in a new and I hope
definitive KDE RPM set.   In addition I built:
-Enlightenment-DR-0.14:  The well known window manager (I haven't tried
to be samrt with e's install beacuse e is fopr now a hacker's wm, I include
it due to its value for fascinating people).  It now has a nice Gtk-based
-mswordview:  For viewing word files
-FlightGear: A flight simukator
-MasterGear:  Emulation of Sega game consoles

I will upload them during the next week.

Some ideas and TODO things:
-It would be good we had a cron job doing an rpm -qip --requires --provides
of every package and putting the result in a file.  It would help both
developpers and people downloading stuff

-There are some cases where we need to add comments explaining why a
package is in our site.  For instance there is no apparent reason to
have texinfo in our site: some packages needed a more recnt version than
what most users got in their distribs.

-I would like to put newer versions of gnome in the site but they are
 using gtk-1.1 and I would not like by using it we break the GIMP.  Is
anyone willing to build Gnome-0.26 and see if anything breaks?  Fortunately
no more need of building mico (Loooong)

-The Gimp-additional-plugins RPM is broken, it needs to be rebuilt and in
addition we could add some of the new plugins like PhotoStack and Flames.
But in the long run maintaining the GIMP is nearly a full time job.  Well
not full-time but a rebuild every month is probably not a bad idea

-Once we fix the site and check a few hastily done packages we could try
having people pointing users in need of help to our site.  For the site to
be useful it has to be known.

-I saw gold last time I visited the unofficial part of KDE.  We should build
some of the stuff there.

And of course there are many things I didn't think about and you could
suggest.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Coordinator for Independence: Linux for the Masses