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Re: Report

On 10 Aug 1998 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> one) and a glibc based distrib to rebuild them.  However because these
> bugs were mostly of concern for the person building the package
> (related to BuildRoot) and didn't affect the final RPM the best woyld be

I think that if the bugfix is adding buildroot, we should just wait
till the upgrade. 

> Some ideas and TODO things:
> -It would be good we had a cron job doing an rpm -qip --requires --provides
> of every package and putting the result in a file.  It would help both
> developpers and people downloading stuff

How is this different than the program that builds the /software section

What would be smarter is to have a cron job build /software .

> -There are some cases where we need to add comments explaining why a
> package is in our site.  For instance there is no apparent reason to

 The way to do this is write a file called "README.html" 
for any given page in /software (ie any directory of the ftp site) 
 The README.html page gets included 
in the appropraite page automatically (see the kde page for an
example) automatically.

I am afraid I can't really build any packages right now, since it is
starting to look like we are never giong to get our stuff back from
> -Once we fix the site and check a few hastily done packages we could try
> having people pointing users in need of help to our site.  For the site to
> be useful it has to be known.

Just helping newbies with your sig on every help message isn't a bad
way to get the word out ...

Donovan Rebbechi <elflord@pegasus.rutgers.edu>
Web designer for Independence -- Linux for the Masses