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Re: G++ libraries

On 16 Aug 1998 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> people not having it.  Problem is: does 2.8 work with libc5?
> Apparently yes.  However people using a glibc2.8 compiled for libc5
> will have problems with their c++ apps the day they upgrade to a RH
> 5.x.

it took me a little while to work out what you meant. 

I don't believe that using Redhat's upgrade option to go from RH4x and
RH5x is a smart move anyway. It breaks several packages and leaves you
with a very hosed system. In this case, a clean re-install makes more
sense, since *all* of their RH4 software is incompatible with the RH5
shared libraries. The upgrade only works when *every* package is replaced.
(I tried the 4.1->5 upgrade and it was a disaster, I had to redo it from

My point is that someone trying to do a smooth upgrade from RH4x to RH5x
is heading for heartache, regardless of what we do with our
compilers/shared libraries.

> Finally we could go 2.8 only for glibc packages, remain in 2.7 for
> libc and accept some software will not be available to libc5 users.

this is true to some extent anyway. The next major releases of Caldera and
SuSE will probably bury libc 5 ... which will make life much easier for

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