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G++ libraries

The 2.7 C++ compiler is allegedly lacking support of many modern C++

The 2.8/egcs is up to date with modern C++.  But the libraies are
incomptatible with those of G++ 2.7 and only RedHat 5.1 users get it
out of the box.

A couple months ago I thunk it was better to provide all our C++
software in 2.7 versions (I downgraded my compiler).  But today I find
an increasing numbedr of programs who no longer compile.  I begin
doubting if remaining 2.7 was a smart thing.

Another strategy would be to go 2.8 and provide a 2.8 library to
people not having it.  Problem is: does 2.8 work with libc5?
Apparently yes.  However people using a glibc2.8 compiled for libc5
will have problems with their c++ apps the day they upgrade to a RH

Finally we could go 2.8 only for glibc packages, remain in 2.7 for
libc and accept some software will not be available to libc5 users.


			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses