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Re: egcs and gcc-c++

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> While I was playing with building some of the bleeding edge KDE
> components, I discovered that some of them require egcs to build.

Specifically there are some C++ features ( ANSI standard ) that aren't
properly supported in many old compilers including GCC.  EGCS is really
just GCC with the Pentium enhancements and some other nice tricks 
rolled in ( plus a more aggressive dev team then GCC ).  It is as far as
I can tell an actual replacement for GCC.
> Question: should we consider moving to egcs *for C++ apps* ?

Just for KDE and QT ( you must do the whole shebang for it to all work
RedHat 5.1 is all EGCS anyway )
> Since I know precious little about compilers, I'll put the question to the
> experts ...
> Roberto, any ideas ? is egcs conspicuously  better as a C++ compiler  ?
> And how usable are the koffice components at this stage on linux ?

Next to none.  KlyX is very stable.  The rest mostly core dump at the 
slightest provocation.  The spreadsheet is the cleanest so far and it's
features ( charts etc.. ) actually work ( mostly ).  Basically you
going to run a business on this stuff yet.
> The thing is that if we build this, we need to switch to egcs AFAIK. It's
> probably not worth switching just for this, but if there are further
> benefits of switching, then it might be a good move.

Mico is the main EGCS only culprit.  since corba is a good thing (TM)
go for it and remember RedHat 5.1 users have already switched.
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