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Re: Idea for a static build

> X-UIDL: 44804c18e64b622d7dd19f61e81306eb
> I was thinking that it may be worth making a static version of "electric
> eyes". The reason I suggest this is that I don't believe that GNOME ( last
> I checked ) is ready for prime time, but electric eyes certainly is, and
> appears to be the best in the lightwieght image viewer/editor on linux to
> date. I figure this is a better way of getting GNOME out into the world
> than distributing their core , unless the core has improved since we built
> it.

Gnome has evolved, but present versions use GTK 1.1 and this one would
break the Gimp.  In addition this a heavy download and I cannot
rebuild Gnome every new version (you know my bandwidth limits).  So
despite my wish for the site being an impartial site between Gnome and
KDE the fact is our Gnome is an old one and de facto that is a breach
in our neutrality.  I have asked both in the list and to Gnome people
for someone maintaing the Gnome RPMs but to ano vail for now.

About Electric Eyes: there is one in RH 5.1.  I think it can be built
without gnome support or as the only gnome app.  

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses