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I am late for reports and everytrhing.  But I think it is now
preferable to talk about uploads than about packaged software sitting
in my disk.

First about uploads.  I have poor connectivity so I can build but
I cannot maintain packages for long, specially big, active ones.  It
would be great if someone volunteered for this.  Task is really not
difiicult: replace the source file name in the spec file then do an
"rpm -ba specfilname" and voila.  You need a RedHat 5.1

I have hopes we will soon get a full distrib in the net (contacts in
France).  About putting on SEUL machines, the redhat 5.1 we use as
base is much smaller than I thunk: 300 Megs instead of over 500 so
perhaps arma will accept.  I think it would be much better for
everyone's morale if we could see a true distrib instead of a series
of packages.  And today I have seen a distrib who is only a RedHat+KDE
and it frustrating not to be able to show ours.

Another thing it is needed is making the site known: scan news groups
and try to find people whose problem could be solved by software in
our site.  A site with useful software but nearly unknown is useless
and the site was created to help people.  We need propagandists

A problem we have to solve is the abyssal quality of text displayed in
X specially postscript or pdf.  At times it makes text unreadable.  We
need to see how the TrueType related software is evolving, and in
second place I will try to use the fonts of Acrobat (someone willing
to ask about their status to Adobe?).  Font quality makes the same PDF
document looks completely different when viewed with Acrobat and xpdf.

And finally is someone willing for going to a Linux games site and try
some?  In addition check what is happenning with Galactic
Civilizations.  We need games and we need games you can put in hands
of your kids or play when they are looking.  I would not like to play
Doom or Quake when my five year old daughter is in house.  And I think
it would not be good if gaming with Linux would become associated with

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses