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Re: Idea for a static build

> On 17 Aug 1998 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > KDE the fact is our Gnome is an old one and de facto that is a breach
> > in our neutrality.  
> GNOME is not stable yet, so it is not really feasilbe for us to build
> every version (much like we can't build every release of peruser ... ) 
> About compatibility ... will the gimp build against gtk 1.1 ? this is one
> app I really can't do without.

No GTK 1.1 breaks Gimp 1.0.  I don't know about builds.  And GIMP 1.1
is only in CVS, not in ftp for general use.

About including Gnome.  At this stage is only a political gesture:
make propganda for it like we do for KDE.  But even if half of it is
not working I would _love_ to show a Gnome with Rasterman's themes and
Enlightenment as window manager.  Bill Gates himself would want to use

> > I have asked both in the list and to Gnome people
> > for someone maintaing the Gnome RPMs but to ano vail for now.
> apparently, ftp.gnome.org has some very recent gnome RPMs (Aug 17) mostly
> 0.27. They still haven't built gnome-core 0.27 but they presumably will.
> > About Electric Eyes: there is one in RH 5.1.  I think it can be built
> > without gnome support or as the only gnome app.  
> OK. My feeling is that GNOME is worth following, but it is very Beta ...
> (I suspect the version number is supposed to be a subtle hint ... :-)
> IOW, I am not convinced that there is a need to put the latest build of
> GNOME on our site at all times. And it should probably sit in the
> developers section of our site until it is more mature.

Not the latest avery time but the 0.20 we have is getting old and
rusty.  Say we upgrade about once a month if we find a maintainer.

> Also, I think the better of the GNOME apps are probably a more convincing
> advertisement for GNOME than GNOME itself.

They are many who seem attractive.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses