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Things implied by the full distrib

There are two contradictions between the Repository strategy and building
the full distrib: C++ libraries and xforms.

For the sake of making the repository more useful I choosed to
continue using 2.7 but for the distribution it is best to go 2.8.  We
can conciliate both goals by providing compatibility c++ libraries
in the site.

A second problems is xforms: for the repository it is probably best to
provide dynamically linked versions, for the full distrib we will be
forced to skip xforms and provide statically linked versions.  A
problem is xfmail depends on it and I think xfmail is very important:
a very easy to set up mail program (it prompts you for parms) and in
addition it works offline (very important when you live outside USA).
We have other easy clients but they don't prompt you for parms.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses