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True type server

X is tragically scarce on half decent fonts.  The fonts problem causes
both ghostview, gv and xpdf provide nearly unreadable output.  I
noticed Arobat provided superb output and tried to steal its fonts.
Unfortunatly the "fonts" in it are no such ones but files who allow
Acrobat to build them.

Using True Type fonts like those you get with Windows could alleviate
the problem.  We have a True Type font server but when I packaged it
it couldn't be placed in front of the Font path.  That meant most
times you got the bitmapped font of X instead of the True Type font.

Things could have evolved and in addition there is another server who
can parse True Type fonts (and many others).  Is someone willing to
compare xfstt and xfsft?

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses