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> I tried out gimp and GIMP / gtk 1.1 can get along OK. I've already built
> gimp, I am going to tweak it a little before I finalise it. At the moment,
> I am thinking we should go for gtk 1.05 / gtk 1.1 in "the final version".
> This might involve rebuilding some of the gtk apps.

The simplest to look the soname of a library is:
strings <filename> | grep lib

If the sonames are different then no problem except we must ensure RPM
will not remove gtk-1.0 by using different names like gtk-beta.

Only problem will be when building gtk-based software: GTK-1.0 and
GTK-1.1 will have same include files.

> One thing to think of: the graphics libraries seem awfully confusing (ie
> there's so many of them). Maybe it's worth shoving the two libjpegs,
> libungif, libpng, libtiff, and anything else I've left out, into one big
> graphics RPM ? 

Not into an RPM.  In a metapackage or provide a "load everything" feature.
Putting them into the same RPM, implies loading all each time one
component cchanges.  In addition they are not related.

> cheers,
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