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> From: Stephanie Lockwood <sjl@chaucer.ece.ucsb.edu>
> Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 7:52:59 PDT
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> > > One thing to think of: the graphics libraries seem awfully confusing (ie
> > > there's so many of them). Maybe it's worth shoving the two libjpegs,
> > > libungif, libpng, libtiff, and anything else I've left out, into one big
> > > graphics RPM ? 
> > > 
> > 
> > Not into an RPM.  In a metapackage or provide a "load everything" feature.
> > Putting them into the same RPM, implies loading all each time one
> > component cchanges.  In addition they are not related.
> > 
> The reason I liked the rpm idea, is that I don't like the conflicts 
> between our graphics libraries and the old ones like libgr.. yet ours 
> currently does not totally obsolete libgr so it's kind of a mess. 
> Maintaining a replacement graphics rpm should take care of such problems 
> - no more having to --force our package to go in over the obsolete pieces 
> of the old, and in cases where keeping the old version is useful, the header 
> conflict in the devel package can be resolved by keeping one set in an 
> alternate subdirectory.

I never had to --force libgr, libtiff or libjpeg.  AFAIK they don't have
common files.
> Suggestion:
> Even if the jpeg and tiff libraries aren't "related" by function, they have
> already been related with some other stuff by inclusion into the standard
> libgr, so how about we just distribute a replacement libgr that includes the
> updated versions? The other graphics libraries can remain independendently
> distributed, and a metapackage can handle installing all of them,
> new libgr + all the others like giflib etc., as a set if desired.

libgr RPM contains things like libpnm or librle but no libtiff, libgif
or libjpeg.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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