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> I never had to --force libgr, libtiff or libjpeg.  AFAIK they don't have
> common files.
> > 
> > Suggestion:
> > Even if the jpeg and tiff libraries aren't "related" by function, they have
> > already been related with some other stuff by inclusion into the standard
> > libgr, so how about we just distribute a replacement libgr that includes the
> > updated versions? The other graphics libraries can remain independendently
> > distributed, and a metapackage can handle installing all of them,
> > new libgr + all the others like giflib etc., as a set if desired.
> > 
> libgr RPM contains things like libpnm or librle but no libtiff, libgif
> or libjpeg.
> -- 
> 			Jean Francois Martinez
What the heck? NOW I'm confused.

straight from a RH 4.2 cdrom...

sjl:(1003) rpm -qil libgr
Name        : libgr                       Distribution: Red Hat Linux Vanderbilt
Version     : 2.0.9                             Vendor: Red Hat Software
Release     : 7                             Build Date: Tue Apr 01 12:18:05 1997
Install date: Fri Jul 24 00:45:36 1998   Build Host: porky.redhat.com
Group       : Libraries                     Source RPM: libgr-2.0.9-7.src.rpm
Size        : 545441
Packager    : Red Hat Software <bugs@redhat.com>
Summary     : Library for handling different graphics files.
Description :
This package is a library for handling various graphics file formats,
including FBM, JPEG, PBM, PGM, PNM, PPM, REL, and TIFF.

Similarly, libgr-devel has jpeg and tiff stuff, and libgr-progs consists
mostly of tiff and jpeg stuff.

AH, I just figured it out. libgr 2.0.13 in RedHat 5.x split off the jpeg
and tiff support. 
So I'll just build the updated libgr for the libc branch, and it can be
added to the libc5 version of the graphics library metapackage, whatever
that turns out to be...

                              S. Lockwood