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Re: Installation risks?

>What are the risks of installing 'Independence' over an existing RedHat 5.2
>system? I'm looking for guidelines as opposed to guarantees...

   It will be odd.  There is a RH5.2 patch, but it misses some of the
niceties of Inde.  Generally, I like to reinstall from scratch to have a
clean system.  Patches upon patches leads to a bit of confusion after a

>Independence is described as an alpha release: does this imply that it
>should be used only on a spare 'test' system, rather than on a production

   I have been using it since it's release on my laptop.  No problems.
<Other than the usual problems of X and sound on a laptop>

>Or is Independence about as stable as the standard RedHat release?

   I have found it more stable than RH5.2.  It should be, as it includes the
5.2 patches and more.