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Re: Installation risks?

> What are the risks of installing 'Independence' over an existing RedHat 5.2
> system? I'm looking for guidelines as opposed to guarantees... 
> Independence is described as an alpha release: does this imply that it
> should be used only on a spare 'test' system, rather than on a production
> system? 

The distrib had been tested by only two or three persons when the
distrib was released and there was an embarassing bug in the french
install (I had only tested the english install :-) but the main reason
it was described as work in progress was not bugs but the fact I felt
it was really a long shot of the goal ofproviding a real end user
distrib.  It also lacked documentation about its specific features and
this is a capital sin for an end user distribution.

For the remainder it was solid

> Or is Independence about as stable as the standard RedHat release?

Far more stable: every bufix issued by RedHat was native in
Independence.  :-)

> Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences and advice.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses