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Politics and anoouncing

One issue is if in the annouce we adopt a hard line:

-Independence being a users distribution made by people exasperated
 because year after year the establishment has provided tme with
 distribs who didn't fill their needs.  "Users need to take the matter
 in their hands";

-Linux must free itself of Unix traditions: linux can go where Unix
 was never able to go but that means different people and different
 contexts and classic Unix is not adequate for them so we must propose
 them something differnt.  Notice that one of the design goals of Unix
 was to allow every user getting an adequate UI for his needs so it is
 forcing them the shell and VI/emacs on thir throats who is against
 Unix spirit.

There is one great symbolic gesture that we could do if we follow this
line and it is Indy by default not installing VI (unfortunately Emacs
is not installed by default in RedHat so I cannot remove it just to
prove I can do it for my favorite editor and that is not a VI versus
Emacs battle).


-Donovan (and he would not be alone) would be mad.  

-There would be a bounty on my head and perhaps on the heads of other
 people in this list.  :-)


-This can make some real noise and focus attraction on the project.

-It would show that we are able to think independently don't plan to
 make an attrcative install and stop there letting the user with
 unsolved problems and an unadequate system for his needs.


			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses