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Re: Installation risks?

From: Lee Sharp

>   Media is about $2.  The question is shipping, and me getting my
>The price is so small, it seems pointless to use COD. :-)

It is that high WA sales tax, ain't it. It is $16 for 10 TDK, without tax
here, our sales tax is 5%. I have burned one CD, that was for storage of
>>>loadline from DOS is an option and installing from there.
>   Well, the first question is what to ship.  I have the 5.2 based Inde.
>Since the 6.0 based is not up yet, I can't send that.  I am still
>the 5.2 based Inde, and I love it...
All that is on the server at Indy? That OK?

You can e-mail me your address Lee and I will send a check, you can even
cash it and wait if you like, I'm still busy knocking my head against
walls. Tell me the amount to write in.