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Re: Installation risks?

From: Marc

>>I'm in SW ID, I have a CD burner too and I could make up a few...

Sorry if I missled you Marc, I don't have the Indy release, I was asking
Lee for one, he made the mistake of volunteering a long time ago. I just
am bothering him.
>I'll definitely need a CD-ROM, and would leave it up to you (Bud, or
Lee) to
>decide the most convenient way to ship? On top of that, would $10 cover
>costs for media, time and effort?
>>I upgraded to 56k V.90
>My ISP will be upgrading to v.90 'real soon now.' I can get 44Kbps with
>CompuServe (at $6/hour), but I'll venture the opinion that Inde deserves
>more practical method than downloading the full distribution via

I'm going at 47.8 tonight, wow. However, when using FTP I notice it still
slows to what my 28 was more than capable of, slows to wait for the
Internet traffic, is my guess. Downloaded a file while in this MS "OS"
and I got 3.2 bps.
>>loadline from DOS is an option and installing from there.
>That would be a nice touch, but it's also painless to use rawrite to
>an Inde boot/install floppy.

Never had any luck with rawrite, others have mentioned it sometimes
depends on your BIOS and or mother board.
>>I have never tried a bootable CD though I can adjust the BIOS to do so.
>Two of my systems boot fine from CD-ROM, so it's worth a try.
>How should we proceed?

Get Lee to send us his address and bombard him with money and kindness.
I'd like the full version, what is on the server at Indy. I'd also like
to begin an install from loadline. We'll see what Lee says.