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Re: Installation risks?

>I have never got it to work in a burn of my own.

I can live with making a boot floppy, unless Bud is ready to burn a bootable CD?

>Well, the first question is what to ship.  
>I have the 5.2 based Inde.

I'm running RedHat 5.2 on three systems, so that would be a natural for me.
I'll need both the full Inde distribution (for a clean install) and the
upgrade files (to sync up my current systems).

If you'll need to (re-)create a CD from scratch, then I'd like the latest
files which are available.

>Media is about $2.  

What would you say to a round figure of $10 including media, shipping, and
the remainder to defray your time & effort: does that sound fair?

>The question is shipping, and me getting my money.
>The price is so small, it seems pointless to use COD. :-)
COD could provide a 'neutral territory' to guarantee delivery to both
parties. But if we can agree on $10 or so, then I'd be willing to snail-mail
certified funds in advance. If you email me your address ( to
mrubin@iname.com ), then I will get a cashier's check sent out on Monday.