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Re: About standards and politics

From: Brian

>And I still don't think that they do, otherwise they would have been
>using some of the proprietary PC-based *nixes, rather than jumping on
>the W9x bandwagon.  At least the proprietary *nixes are (mostly?) Posix
>compliant, while M$ represents a very poor OS which is only the defacto
>standard, due to pricing, marketing, et al.
>I don't think that Jean's response disagreed with mine.  Licensing (ie
>keeping it proprietary) killed Beta.  Only high end users in TV news,
>etc, use Beta now - they are the only one's that care about the "best"
>standard.  My point was, and remains, that users often don't realize or
>care that they are buying second best.  We need to make sure that we
>also get the users that only care about ease of use and couldn't give
>two hoots about standards.

Hang in there Brian, see my post on why I think we got lousy VHS

>Then Linux is no good for the vast majority of the world's computer
>users.  Are we rolling over and playing dead already???  I thought that
>"my mother" (or yours, or any one else's) was the market that we were
>aiming for, in the long run.  If we don't care about them, then we have
>very little point in going much further because the work that RedHat and
>Caldera is doing is probably sufficient.

Right between the eyes!

>I just think that "edit" is a little bit dangerous for the newbie, when
>all they really want to do (or at least all that I often want to do) is
>look at what the file says.  I'm not too worried about it though, just
>thought I'd throw something different in the mix.

Fun too.

I remember when I typed in vi at the command line, (me smart computer
user) think I hit all the keys at once to try and get out of the darn
thing. Always jump in with both feet, never heard of man.