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Re: Politics and anoouncing

|On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, R G Mayhue wrote:

|> found joe to be an easy to use editor) by typing "edit" (ie: edit ->
|> pico),  like MS-DOS EDIT. Or use "editor" if the MS part bothers
|> anyone.

|I vote for "edit".

   Me to. :-)  By the way, my post was ment for humor.  I would never
symlink vi to pico. :-)  God knows I would never want a new user to think vi
is as easy as that. ;-)

|> them. When they use any of the symlinked commands, a short reminder
|> could be displayed on the command line informing them of the name of
|> the real editor they are about to use and also giving them a choise
|> to open its documentation first.

|I don't see much point to this. Though I guess it would help if they knew
|what the "real" name of their editor was. But pico tells you it's name

   The main reason I see, is to let new users know what they need to type on
a "less friendly" distribution.  It is nice to have some familier shortcuts,
but hell when you suddenly don't have them.  A real disservice common to MS.