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Re: About satandrads and politics

> bad analogy. The point of POSIX is that it is an interoperabity standard.
> > So the point is: "Do we dare to challenge tradition and
> > traditionalists frontally or do we take a lower profile approach?"  By
> If we can challenge tradition without challenging standards and
> interoperability, it's a good thing.

OK I will drop the idea.

> > lower profile I mean providing for programs never calling it (the user
> > must call it explicitly) and providing for the user ever having an
> > alternative even when using rescue floppies.  And of course
> > mentionning it in the announce.
> The lower profile approach is smarter.
> BTW, since you think this text editor thing is such a big issue, I have a
> suggestion:

The other day I was in a store and I met a guy who had a big problem
with Linux.  It was a one line text edit but the guy knew _nothing_ so
I could not tell him: "just edit the file" because sending him to VI
(or Emacs) was dommed to failure.  I ended telling him to reinstall
clean.  :-(

That is the point: in order to bring Linux to the masses we have to
consider people who learn alone, have to solve problems since day one
(unheard in Unix) and are not as smart as say a mathematician.  :-)

> We have a big "text editor" icon on the default K desktop which opens up
> kedit. I also like the other suggestion about aliasing the "edit" command
> to pico or something like that.

I heard there is apoblem with pico licensing.  Is that right?

> Cheers,
> -- 
> Donovan

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses