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Re: About satandrads and politics

As a new user of Linux, I use the word user lightly, would say you are
all correct and wrong at the same time.

Anyone who is familiar with Linux would know that the editor vi is
available and can get it. A newbie would wonder, a bit like me, what all
the fuss is about. Me trying to tell the silversmith that it is only
silver, do what you want with it, because if I have some, what would I
do?, use it as I please. Train myself to be an artist? Maybe. Use it for
an electrical conductor? Sure, if I want. Linux and silver are malleable
to ones own desires.

Now, as a newbie, not an experienced programmer in any computer language,
I say thanks to all who contribute to Linux in making it a usable OS for
an inexperienced Linux user. However, at present it is not for an
inexperienced computer user. It is not a "insert the CD and watch it go"
OS. It requires time to learn by reading, or, if lucky, to have a friend
stop by and get you started in the right direction. I'm slow, it took me
at least 30 hours to get zipslack to work, to get the welcoming message.
This probably sounds stupid to a lot of you but I'd rather play around
with a program, and I assumed that Linux was a program to be learned, so
that is what I wanted to do, but the command line console threw me.
Typing is not one of my skills; off to the  documents, reading and doing
I could do, but again, documentation is poor, though they become clearer
the more one experiments. Usenet helped, reading what others were having
problems with gave me hope that maybe I am not too stupid, just slow.

As old as I am, I act like the "new generation" acts, it should work
without having to work at making it work. Linux does not meet this lazy
standard. Will it? Many are trying to make it so. A challenge I like but
I'd like some simple answers to point me in the right direction. The
Internet is a very big place to start looking for easy answers. I hope
Indy will help point new users to many answers.