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Re: Politics and anoouncing

On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, R G Mayhue wrote:

> Other commands could be used also, copy for cp, dir for ls, etc. Like I

dir is already a standard command ( it's a gnu utility ). 

BTW, I'm against trying to make the command line look like dos. Someone
who already knows the dos command line won't have trouble grasping the
UNIX command line. The difficult aspects of the UNIX command line are more
conceptual : the idea of STDIO redirection. And because this functionality
is not available in dos, you cannot spare the users this. 

> ahead, where do we stop. What I mean is, should we pass and convert
> command options also?

no way. The users are better off learning the UNIX command line ( which is
no harder than the dos command line ... provided you don't want to do any 
more than what you can do in dos. ) 

> As far as documentation goes, I think it's only fair to give the user
> a chance to look at the documentation of the editor they are about to
> use. 

they do have a chance. most of the editors ( all of the ones we'd have
them use ) have online help.

I guess we could do something like have a short perl script which gives
the user a brief message, prompts them, then fires up the correct editor.