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Re: Politics and anoouncing


> who already knows the dos command line won't have trouble grasping the
> UNIX command line. The difficult aspects of the UNIX command line are more
> conceptual : the idea of STDIO redirection. And because this functionality
> is not available in dos, you cannot spare the users this. 

Not sure what you mean here, in DOS you can redirect things:
echo "y" >file
fortmat c: <file

Just piping them doesn't work too well.

You can even redirect things to null

> > ahead, where do we stop. What I mean is, should we pass and convert
> > command options also?
> no way. The users are better off learning the UNIX command line ( which is
> no harder than the dos command line ... provided you don't want to do any 
> more than what you can do in dos. ) 

the *nix cmd line is just more powerful than DOS', a quite similar in
concept. It might take people a while to learn the different commands, and
their options, but that's what books like _Linux in a nutshell_ are for.
There must be an online text file listing the various basic commands and
their fuunction. Most of the other info can be found from man.
> I guess we could do something like have a short perl script which gives
> the user a brief message, prompts them, then fires up the correct editor.

Prompts them for what?

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