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Re: About standards and politics (sorry, I had to fix it :-)

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Brian Wiens wrote:

> I think that the point is that the consumer doesn't know that "the best
> standard" = "the best buy in the long run".  

Actually, I think they usually do.

> Betamax vs. VHS is a good example
> of this, where pricing, 

See Jean's response.

> al.  She doesn't know, and doesn't care, that the Evil Empire is going to kill
> her long term computing environment with their monopolistic behaviour.

I doubt that linux is good for *her* in the long run. 

> it.  Maybe a better symlink would be to something like "view" or "print" or
> "see", pointing to ???? (see, I can't even remember how to do it since I've

'view' is a problem (it's also standard). See ? maybe, but I still vote
for edit (-;