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Re: About standards and politics (sorry, I had to fix it :-)

> On Sat, 7 Aug 1999, JF Martinez wrote:
> > No I have withdrawn the propsal but who cares about proprietary
> > Unixes?  
> It's not just the "proprietry Unixes", it's also the BSDs and all the
> linux distros. If linux unilaterally made some moves that deviated a
> little from the UNIX standards, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But I
> doubtthat the whole linux world will simoultaneously move in such a way
> that would undermine POSIX compliance goals.

I tried Free BSD in 1994.  First it drops you into C shell when the
Posix standard defines a Bourne-like shell for interactive use.  So
much for interoperability.  In addition all BSDs put together amount
only to a tiniy part of the Linux user base.

> > Add to this that most of our target a will never see a propriatary
> > Unix in life.
> BUt they may will ( will almost certainly ) see another linux
> distribution.

And they will see KDE when they have been used to Gnome or vice versa.
I agree that a decision to drop VI cannot be taken unilaterally by a
distrib but downplayiong it is another matter.

Anyway we will have VI installed by default in this version.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses