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Re: About satandrads and politics

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Bud Beckman wrote:

> cog,
> I am trying diald. May have let myself in for a real treat!

I've still got that installed, I still havn't got 'round to trying that
> For some reason I lost all my lib files for KDE, may have been a HD
> glitch, no, not the operator. Reinstalled KDE, probably the hard way to
> do it. Thought it was too easy with kppp, but can't even get that to

Does that mean you havn't got a working ppp at the mo? My script relies on
a working ppp connection, and a working fetchmail install. (Also at the
moment requires sendmail installed and working to 'sendmail')

> extract from bz2 format.
> If anyone tells me Linux is easy. . . .
> Your script ready?

Yep, sure is. I've been using it for a few weeks, havn't written the 'man'
page yet, or the help option, so help on using it should be directed to me
on cognition@bigfoot.com, the source code is commented, as is the config
file, so they're pretty self explanitory. Give me a couple of mins to
write a simple help file for it, and tar.gz it (I've not yet used tar or
gzip to compress files, but now seems a good time to learn), then I'll
send it to you off list. You don't have a prob with attachments, do you?

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