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Re: About satandrads and politics

From: cogNiTioN
>> I am trying diald. May have let myself in for a real treat!
>I've still got that installed, I still havn't got 'round to trying that

I have not either, (diald) I am looking at the doc to fortify myself and
hoping I can interpret well enough to get it going. I understand that
wvdiald is an active project and diald is not.

>Does that mean you havn't got a working ppp at the mo? My script relies
>a working ppp connection, and a working fetchmail install. (Also at the
>moment requires sendmail installed and working to 'sendmail')

No ppp connection working at this time, one of these days I will be an
expert at making mistakes instead of just stumbling into them. If I keep
at the ppp man page . . .

Atachment came through fine, I wonder if any one has taken on the project
of making tar simple, such as winzip has done for Windoze. Run across
anything like that?
Thanks, and I will look at your scripts, maybe by the time the snow
flies, the more I do the behinder I get.