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Re: About standards and politics

>Same for me - did it again just the other day, after we started the vi
>thread.  It took me about 10 minutes (even knowing that ^+(something),
>^+(something else) was what I wanted) to even accidentally get into
>help.  Am I a klutz?  I don't think so, but even if I am, there are
>other klutzes in the world that could really use those on-screen
>prompts, and a quick peruse of the man page before they get into
>something as magical (read "arcane", "incomprehensible", "powerful only
>for those initiated in the black arts" :-) as vi.

   Rather than just adding a "me too," how about a solution?  Make a vi
script that says "Running vi.  Press ^whatever to save and exit. <press
enter to continue.>" and then runs vi.  Still there, so compliant.  Gives
hints so people don't get stuck and leave it suspended. :-) And a simple
script an advanced user can remove.