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Re: About standards and politics

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Lee Sharp wrote:

>    Rather than just adding a "me too," how about a solution?  Make a vi
> script that says "Running vi.  Press ^whatever to save and exit. <press
> enter to continue.>" and then runs vi.  Still there, so compliant.  Gives
> hints so people don't get stuck and leave it suspended. :-) And a simple
> script an advanced user can remove.


IT ISN'T VI, it's vim which is considerably more advanced than SysV
/bin/vi. Not directed at you in particular, Lee, just something I had to
get off my chest (-;

Vim starts up with a "splash screen" if you type "vi" without providing a
filename. I can ask someone on vim-dev how to make the splash screen
appear regardless, and we can ship our distro with a vimrc to make it do