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Re: Knowledge Base (was Re: VI, standards, politics and all that)

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Andrew Wood wrote:

> I was planning on using something like Glimpse to do the actual searching of
> the database, which would be stored in plain HTML or something similar. I've
> already got some code from a Gimp plugin to open a Netscape window.

Might be worth considering query time ( ie we don't want linear time
searches if we can avoid it ). RH's "search help systems" tool suffers
from slowness.

How does glimpse work ? ( pardon my ignoarance ) 

> My only concern is requiring Glimpse to be installed. Any suggestions for

Since we make  the distribution, we could just make it part of the
default. Not a problem.

> (Just realised that I could do the whole GUI in Netscape and write a
>  pseudo-server that listens on a port and does the searching. Hey ho)

Easier to use Apache and make the program a CGI script ( this is what I
thought you were thinking of )