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Re: Inde CD


I guess it's time to stop lurking on this list and help out. I am able to burn
too. If there is anybody on this list in UK or Europe, then the shipping will
probably be quicker and cheaper. I reckon I can burn CDs for people on
this list for 5 UK, or 6 Europe including shipping. (UK first class post,
which should get there next day, Europe Airmail 3 days)

I can burn ftp mirrors if there is a real requirement - otherwise I'd prefer
to wait until the next Inde release is finalized and burn. Please email me
to let me know your interest - then I can pre-order enough blank CDRs
- so there shouldn't be any delays.. The full Inde CDs will be bootable in
machines that support booting from CD.

Lee, if you want some help burning bootable CDs email me.


Lee Sharp wrote:

>    OK.  There is a lot of interest, so I will burn some CDs.  E-mail your
> request and and I will send my address.  <That way I can control the speed
> of the requests>  Then send me a personal check with you address in the
> letter.  I will send you a CD the day I get it.  <I will burn it when I send
> my address>  This is NOT an Inde CD, but a FTP local mirror.  It is the Inde
> subdirectory with the differential tars, and the "nocd" packages.  $10 in
> the US.  I am in Houston, so mail should only take 3 days.  My e-mail is
> lee@insync.net and I will do this untill Inde 6.0 is final, then I will burn
> and look at it.  <No comments on the spelling...  It's late.>
>             Lee