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Re: Inde CD

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Mike Manley wrote:

> Hi,
> I guess it's time to stop lurking on this list and help out. I am able to burn
> CDs
> too. If there is anybody on this list in UK or Europe, then the shipping will
> probably be quicker and cheaper. I reckon I can burn CDs for people on
> this list for 5 UK, or 6 Europe including shipping. (UK first class post,
> which should get there next day, Europe Airmail 3 days)
> I can burn ftp mirrors if there is a real requirement - otherwise I'd prefer
> to wait until the next Inde release is finalized and burn. Please email me
> to let me know your interest - then I can pre-order enough blank CDRs
> - so there shouldn't be any delays.. The full Inde CDs will be bootable in
> machines that support booting from CD.

I wouldn't mind a copy of the next indy release, when avaliable, I'm
looking to upgrade my SuSE 5.2 system, anyhow, and instead of the 23 UKP
SuSE want, it seems like a good idea to go with Inde. 

BTW: I live in the UK, on the Surrey/Hants/berks border, if you're

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