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Inde CD

   OK.  There is a lot of interest, so I will burn some CDs.  E-mail your
request and and I will send my address.  <That way I can control the speed
of the requests>  Then send me a personal check with you address in the
letter.  I will send you a CD the day I get it.  <I will burn it when I send
my address>  This is NOT an Inde CD, but a FTP local mirror.  It is the Inde
subdirectory with the differential tars, and the "nocd" packages.  $10 in
the US.  I am in Houston, so mail should only take 3 days.  My e-mail is
lee@insync.net and I will do this untill Inde 6.0 is final, then I will burn
and look at it.  <No comments on the spelling...  It's late.>