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Re: Antivirus? (and firewalls)

>For now we have no virusses on Linux but setuid programs could be used
>for spreading them.  Of course it is far easier to keep track of a few
>setuid programs as of every program like it happens in Linux.  However
>sooner or later measures will have to be taken for ensuring root
>doesn't run unsecure software.

   One of the best ways is to insure that everything can be easily done as a
user with su.  If there is no reason to log in as root, people will log in
as eLiTe hAkOr instead. :-)

>> >If we could make a GUI for IPchains, and make it easy,
>> >it would be something that would get a lot of good
>> >publicity for us.

>IPchains is very advanced networking, not exactly our ecological niche.

   I think this is exactly our niche.  We are making a complex system,
Linux, simple for the new user.  All you have to do is the on the Linux
security news group and read about people who are rooted within HOURS of
setting up on the cable modem. <cable modem = big switched network>  Users
NEED some security, but the ability to manage it.  Some kind of GUI for
hosts.allow and hosts.deny and basic IPchains functionality needs to be
done.  If not by us, by someone.  And if it is by us we will get a LOT of
publicity.  Just my 2 cents worth. :-)