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Re: Antivirus? (and firewalls)

Lee wrote:

>One of the best ways is to insure that everything can be >easily done as a
user with su.

That may prevent someone from removing files accidentally, but I'd think
that a malicious program could do the same damage when run 'su root' as it
could from an actual root login? 

Donovan pointed out that bad behavior is much less likely in open source
programs. True, but that would give me more comfort if I had time to
carefully study (and understand) all the source code ;->  

So I'm still interested in the sandbox idea. One aspect would be to allow a
suspect program to write only to its own documented config and data files,
and warn about / disallow writing to (or removing) other files.

>Users NEED some security, but the ability to manage it.
>Some kind of GUI for hosts.allow and hosts.deny
>and basic IPchains functionality

Would a linuxconf 'addon' fit in with Inde's UI, or do your team members
tend to come up with something more customized?