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Re: Inde CD

On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, matt wrote:
> >I guess it's time to stop lurking on this list and help out. I am able to
> burn
> >CDs
> As can I. Or at least, I have the physical equipment. I haven't tried
> burning a CD from Linux yet. I'm situated in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.
> >Lee, if you want some help burning bootable CDs email me.
> Yes please. :)

I believe there are several people who can burn CD's on this list. I
can also burn CD's, I'm in New Port Richey, Florida (Tampa Bay area).
Maybe we can act as a very low level distribution point for Indy 0.2,
each in his own area, until we get a large CD producer interested.
(Good idea | Bad idea ??)

Anybody know who we should contact about maybe getting Indy put on a
CD?? Or after Indy's release, should we just start writing and asking
for Indy CD's to get someone interested?

BTW, I wrote a little DOS/Windows batch program called WGETINDY. It
uses the GNU wget-1.5.3 non-interactive download utility compiled for
Windows to fetch which ever version of Indy the user wants so it can be
used as a hard drive install from within the Indy installer. The
program uses a system menus to act as a wizard so the user dose not
need to learn how to use wget to download Indy. 

The program offers the user a choice between mirroring the full CD
distribution, a "Smart" ftp download option which gets only the files
needed for the install to save hard drive space and Internet bandwidth
or the difference files needed to upgrade a Red Hat distribution to
Indy. The "Smart" ftp download also offers an "English Only" option to
save additional space by only downloading the English HOWTO's.

Other "language only" options will be added later when I finish a newer
compiled version written in C (when time permits). The time needed to
add all of the other language options to a DOS batch file would be
better spent writing a more "foolproof" version. I may also include
the making of the floppies needed to start the installer to help
automate the entire process, from download to install.

This will (for now) help with the questions of: "What files do I need to
download to get Indy?" and "What files do I need to upgrade a Red Hat
5.2 release to Indy 5.2-0.1?" I started with a DOS/Windows version
first because I found a lot of people who want to try Indy already
have a working Windows OS, and no other way to download it. This is how
I got Indy installed on my box, and it works.

With Jean's permission,  I'll upload it to the incoming directory on
the belegost server if anyone cares to investigate and give feedback.


R.G. Mayhue

	The moral progression of a people can scarcely begin till they
	are independent.
						--James Martineau

	Go get your Independence Linux now!