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Re: Inde CD

In a message dated 8/14/99 10:24:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
rgmayhue@serenesoftware.com writes:

<< Maybe we can act as a very low level distribution point for Indy 0.2,
 each in his own area, until we get a large CD producer interested.
 (Good idea | Bad idea ??) >>

I like that idea, it evens out the work people have do to and cuts down on 
shipping charges.  I can also burn cd's.  I am located currently in Central 
NY, a nice small town the nobody has heard of, Utica :)  But I will be moving 
to the University at Buffalo (NY) in 2 weeks.  At Buffalo, I have access to a 
T1 line, so downloads will be quick for me. 


You stole my idea :)  But I'm glad someone wrote this script, I really didn't 
have too much time to do it myself.  It will definately cut down on all the 
frustration people have trying to download Inde.  I believe you should also 
add a menu option, like you stated, that will allow users to download and 
make the Boot Disketts.  I feel that this should be a mandatory download/make 
either before or after the distrib download.  BTW, did you happen to put the 
approximate sizes of the downloads in the UI?  I know that's one of the first 
questions I would have is.  It would be a shame to be half way done 
downloading 200 megs and run out of disk space :)   Also, does wget support 
continuation of downloads?  If it doesn't, the script should include a 
feature that enables it to scan the HDD for the last completed downloaded 
file and continue where it left off.  Just a few thoughts.  When you get a 
chance, could you send me the source code for the batch?  I am rather 
interested to see how it was written.  Thanx.

Max DiOrio