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Re: Inde CD

On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, Max DiOrio wrote:

> I like that idea, it evens out the work people have do to and cuts down on 
> shipping charges.  I can also burn cd's.  I am located currently in Central 
> NY, a nice small town the nobody has heard of, Utica :)  But I will be moving 
> to the University at Buffalo (NY) in 2 weeks.  At Buffalo, I have access to a 
> T1 line, so downloads will be quick for me. 
Yes, I have heard of Utica:) I have also been there! My ex-wife's sister
lived there. I'm originally from Pittsburgh Pa. I have only been in
Florida about a year and a half. I liked Utica, beautiful little town:-)
No hills in Florida, kinda miss them:(
> You stole my idea :)  But I'm glad someone wrote this script, I really didn't 
> have too much time to do it myself.  It will definitely cut down on all the 
> frustration people have trying to download Inde.  I believe you should also 
> add a menu option, like you stated, that will allow users to download and 
> make the Boot Disketts.  I feel that this should be a mandatory download/make 
> either before or after the distrib download.  BTW, did you happen to put the 
> approximate sizes of the downloads in the UI?  I know that's one of the first 
> questions I would have is.  It would be a shame to be half way done 
> downloading 200 megs and run out of disk space :)   Also, does wget support 
> continuation of downloads?  If it doesn't, the script should include a 
> feature that enables it to scan the HDD for the last completed downloaded 
> file and continue where it left off.  Just a few thoughts.  When you get a 
> chance, could you send me the source code for the batch?  I am rather 
> interested to see how it was written.  Thanx.

This version downloads the boot images, but doesn't copy them.
In the next version I will include to make the diskettes. I also agree
that It should be mandatory. Can't just give the user the download and
and leave them hanging. It should be easy to implement.

I thought about including the download sizes when I wrote the batch
file, but I didn't for two reasons. (1) I didn't and still don't know
the final sizes for all of the download options. (2) It's a little
harder to do some things using a DOS batch script, a higher order
language is better suited for the job. Implementing them in DOS is not
impossible, but very time consuming.

Yes, wget dose support resuming downloads, and the option for
continuing is turned on, as is mirror, which is what wget does very
well I might add. IMO it's the best program I've used to mirror so far.
There are Perl scripts the are pretty good at it also, but to use them
under Windows, Perl must be installed on the users machine. Wget
compiled for Windows runs stand alone on the users machine.

I sent a zip file to Bud to try. But I already found a bug in the
installer (Oops!). Can you wait until I upload it to incoming on
belegost in a day or so? Then you will be able to get the full
wget-1.5.3 source and documentation with it (I have included the
Win.hlp version also). I'll announce it when I upload it. Feel free to
improve on it if you want, it's a little messy, the whole thing was
only written in a few hours. It was only intended to be a working demo
of a much more improved program to gain feedback (-8

Question: Do you think WGETINDY should be a full Windows 32 bit GUI
program?  Or should I stick to a 16 bit DOS or Windows console to be
compatible with all flavors of Windows?

Either way, I'll write and compile it with Lcc-Win32 (you know what
that is right?). Might as well keep it free! Lcc-Win32 is another
great French innovation! Right Jean.  


R.G. Mayhue

	The moral progression of a people can scarcely begin till they
	are independent.
						--James Martineau

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