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Re: Inde CD

On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, Bud wrote:

> To the volunteers willing to make a few or a bunch of CDs, could we get
> one person who has all the necessary files on one CD to send it to one of
> us and then the other could pass it along, after making a copy, of
> course.
I had a similar idea. That way anyone burning CD's would *ALL* be in
sync with each other, suppling the same product, and a lot less
confusion in case someone leaves something out by accident.

Who's going to make the master? And I guess it should be bootable.

> >
> >Anybody know who we should contact about maybe getting Indy put on a
> >CD?? Or after Indy's release, should we just start writing and asking
> >for Indy CD's to get someone interested?
> >
> I suppose each person could announce on Usenet that they have the Indy
> distribution and willing to pass it along for postage and CD cost. I know
> this lets someone try to scam someone out of some money, maybe we could
> put out a list on the Indy server of those who will make the Indy CD
> available. Just rambling!
I think a list on the Indy site would be OK, let the interested person
contact whomever is closest to them that's on the list.

> >BTW, I wrote a little DOS/Windows batch program called WGETINDY. 


> I'm using it now, RG, I'm just letting it do its thing! Although many of
> the files I already have, I just want to try and make up a usable CD
> that will include the Red Hat 5.2 version and the Indy "upgrade." Don't
> know exactly how but thought I'd give it a try.
Great, but I found a bug in the installer. Copying two incorrect file
names. No big deal, you'll just get the unneeded boot images if you
pick the 6.0-0.2 "Smart" download.

> There are some files that are not on the server, RG. Did you put into 
> your program what files to download?
No, what files are not on the server?
> Been going for 9 hours and 120 megs have been downloaded.
Wget's great isn't it. If get interupted it will redial if you have
dial-up networking set to auto dial.
> I would like the option of saving it to a different disk. Been mice to
> save it to my SCSI MO drive and the CPU would be bypassed. A thought.
> Mentioned this thing about the non-programmers demanding of programmers,
> guilty!
I will make choosing a drive available in the improved version, as well
as other features. As far as being demanding, you are just giving me
ideas and feedback, something programmers need to get the job done
correctly. I can't think of EVERYTHING by my self 8*))

If you get anymore ideas, I'm all eyes!


R.G. Mayhue

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	are independent.
						--James Martineau

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