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Re: Inde CD

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Lee Sharp wrote:
>    And when it asks for the Supp disk? :-)  I just want to know it works
> before pressing coasters. :-)

Read the RedHat-CD mini HOWTO. It explains very well how to make the 
CD and make it bootable. Indy being based on RH, this should cover all
details. The new 6.0 boot image dose not require supp.img, so that is
not a problem8-)
>    I was unclear in my statement.  I ment Jewel insert when I said label.  I
> have no label printer, nor do I plan to. :-)  The CD will be labeled
> Verbatim with hand Written Inde on it. :-)

I have a label designer. I could do the work and upload it as a web
page and all that would be needed is a printer and a pair of scissors to
cut it out.

> >Talking of Jewel cases what are people thoughts on Jewel Cases? - should
> >the Indy CD be supplied in a jewel case or leave it up to the individual
> >distributor or ...
>    I put everything in jewel cases so I can read the sides. :-)  It also is
> a good place for instructions.  And with no cases, does someone have to buy
> cardboard ones?  I wouldn't even know where to look.

I say we supply the jewel cases, and most office supplies have the
cardboard mailers for CD's with jewel cases. I don't think there very
>    I burned in Joliet.  It works fins in Linux, Solaris, and
> Windows.  I recommend that we stick with this "least common denominator" of
> Microsoft's. :-)

Yes, thats the best way. I know what you mean about Mandrake. I
downloaded the image a while back and burned it in Windows and when I
had a look at the CD I thought "Oh no! No long file names, what's the
installer going to see!" Until I had a look with Linux. What a relief
after downloading 618 meg.

>    I think this is a little much.  This is a lot of work for a VERY small
> number of people that want to try a new OS, but have no CD boot support.  I
> think instructions are enough.  Most people who could not follow them would
> have a "canned" PC anyway.

I think the instructions on how to create a boot floppy should be
included in the jewel case as an insert, posted on the web sight and
included in the root directory of the CD. Make it very hard to miss!
Even include autorun for Windows. The BAT file to run rawrite and a
script for *nix's dd would be great. IMO rawrite is much easier to use
then loadlin. Just type "rawrite boot.img [drive]" and thats it. Leave
in the floppy and reboot.

>  I still say let the distributor decide what he wants to do.  Some places
> overnight may be more trouble than a distributor wants to put up with.  Just
> have a link on the web page that also says what delivery options are
> available, if any. :-)  At worst, have an overnight link that goes to the
> closest distributor that offers that form.

I agree. Offering many forms of shipping would be great, but not very
feasible. I say the distributor finds what is best for them. I don't
plan on running to several different shippers every week. If the US
Mail isn't good enough, well maybe UPS, anything else, you pay for my


R.G. Mayhue

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