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Re: About standards and politics

Den fre, 06 aug 1999 skrev du:
> Here's one solution to the question of whether to install VI: Make
> /bin/vi a symbolic link to a more user-friendly editor like pico or
> joe (the second being my favorite editor under Linux).  Then install
> the real VI as /bin/VI (upper case) and make a note of it in some
> documentation.  Then power-users can adjust the symbolic link; they
> will know how to do that.

How about making a '${EDITOR}' variable in /etc/bashrc and calling that
from every script/program instead of vi? F.eks.:

echo "Do you want to use ${EDITOR} instead of vi? y/n"

if [ (y-something) ]; then
	exec ${EDITOR}
	exec vi

Maybe that way you can have different editors for console (pico) and
Xterm (kedit).

Many program like cvs (CVSEDITOR) and less (LESSEDIT) have an
editorvariable but it would be nice to have only 1 variable for the
whole system.

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards
Birger Langkjer