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Re: [oswg] Linux Knowledge Base project

> Sorry my first post here is such a big one, but with the current talk of LDP
> indexing and the idea of writing "mini guides" I thought that this would be a
> good time to ask for comments about a project I've started in association
> with the Independence Linux distribution: the Linux Knowledge Base.
> Independence Linux (http://independence.seul.org/) is a distribution aimed at
> non-technical users, based on Red Hat.  Now, as some people have mentioned,
> HOWTOs and the like are fine as far as they go but aren't very good as
> standalone documentation.  Non-technical users need good documentation.
> The Linux Knowledge Base project aims to answer all common user questions by
> means of a searchable question-and-answer database accessed through a simple
> GUI, like MS Office Assistant or the like.  Questions will be of two types:
[excellent set of questions and description of ways to proceed] 
> This could potentially be a useful, but big, project.  I would very much
> appreciate any advice or help that any of you have to offer.
> - Andrew
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you while this was a thread on the
Independence list; I was out of town for the week.

We've already started a Linux Knowledge Base Project, at

Look at http://linuxtoday.com/stories/7334.html for a recent announce that
we did. The group of developers includes the author of the Red Hat Linux
User's FAQ (http://www.best.com/~aturner/RedHat-FAQ/), several seul-pub
workers, and a couple of other clueful Linux people. They have addressed
all of the questions you asked plus many more. The goal is to create 'the
most advanced information repository and retrieval system for Linux
related documentation'. They're not done yet, but they've come a long ways.

So...my advice is to drop them a line and ask if you can help out.
http://www.linuxkb.org/signup.html has a signup checklist plus a (slightly
out of date but very detailed) description of progress.

--Roger, SEUL Project leader