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Next Indy will not be stunning.  What I try to do is something thought
for the Linux (Linux is not Unix) user.  That is a user who has to a
self-learned man, who uses Linux at home,or wants to use Linux for
tasks Unix was never used.

Many times the Linux user gets solutions completely unadequate. For
instance when you use an SMB printer from Linux many users will notice
it is painfully slow.  I ended discovering that the printer driver was
using DNS (traditional in Unix) for solving SMB names, but compnies
printing through SMB are likely to be windows based and use
Windows-SMB methods for solving names.  Once I changed the name
resolution method SMB printing was as fast as from any Windows/NT box.
This is an example of how thinking Unix leads distribution people to
provide wrong solutions to the Linux user.

What I want to do with Indy is being the people's distribution: one
made by us, Linux users, instead of being designed by professionals
who much too often ignore our problems.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses