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Re: Four small programming tasks for this version or the next.

> > > > 2) Handling conflicts in installation.  This would allow us to ship
> > > >     some software we can't ship now because it would conflict with
> > > >     some other software we are shipping.
> --
> > The problem I was thinking of was about two mail agents: you cannot
> > install both because they share the same port and you have to manage
> > to install only one even in case the user selects "install all" nad
> > manage to do this without prompting and reprompting the user until he
> > feels dizzy.
> >
> Do you currently have a list of all of the known conflicts in Indy?

There are none.  I cannot include conflicting software until we handle

> > > > 4) There is a little trick who can double or trebble the graphic
> > > > perform¨ance of the box with modern processors.  Some games become
> > > > fast to be played.  :-) This is shell work but we need to hack
> > > > Xconfigurator in order to collect some data needed
> >
> When you say modern processors. Are you referring to PII and PIII, or
> just pentium processors (R, Pro)?

PPros and above, K6-2s and above.  Too bad my personal box is a plain
K6.  :-( At work I have a PII and you notice the difference even in
Mesa you get above 50% increase in most tests despite that theorically
the time spent in shading far outweighs the time spent in data transfer.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses