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Re: Inde CD

>I think ISO9660 with El Torito extensions would be the best.  First of
>all except for the doc diirectories the didk is supposed to be read
>from Linux instead of DOS.  El Torito (little bull in Spanish) is the
>foramt used by bootable CDs.

  El Torito also works with Joliet, and Joliet works for most operating
systems.  ISO9660 means you can't put the CD in a NT server CD-Rom and do
FTP installs off a local machine.  Not that a Lot of people will, but I
can't tell you how many times I have told people how to do just that <or
War-FTP in e Win95 box> because they didn't have a CD-rom, or a supported
CD-Rom, or both CD-Rom and floppy in the same laptop which was not little
bull friendly.  With iso9660 we give up some things to get nothing.  Please
correct me if I am wrong...

>Instructions are nice of course but about every PC in active service
>in first world countries allows booting from CD and those who can't
>tend to be underpowered for some of the stuff we ship.  Of course this
>assumes we get right in making bootable CDs.

   Hehe...  We will have to beta test this, I am sure.