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Re: Inde CD

From: Lee Sharp
Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 9:45 AM
Subject: Re: Inde CD

>   And when it asks for the Supp disk? :-)  I just want to know it works
>before pressing coasters. :-)

The Cheap bytes version, no support disk needed.

>   I was unclear in my statement.  I ment Jewel insert when I said
label.  I
>have no label printer, nor do I plan to. :-)

Me either.

>>Talking of Jewel cases what are people thoughts on Jewel Cases?

An expensive way to go. Could be an option of the buyer.

> And with no cases, does someone have to buy
>cardboard ones?  I wouldn't even know where to look.

Look in any stationary store. A claspable envelope, and slip the CD
between slim cardboard pieces, or several layers of paper, put that junk
mail to use.

>   I burned in Joliet.

Linux handles Joliet as well.

>   I think this is a little much.  This is a lot of work for a VERY
>number of people that want to try a new OS, but have no CD boot support.
>think instructions are enough.  Most people who could not follow them
>have a "canned" PC anyway.

Perhaps that is why we have to try harder, for a first time Linux user we
need to give extra help. Especially if Windoze is all they know.

>   I still say let the distributor decide what he wants to do.  Some
>overnight may be more trouble than a distributor wants to put up with.


> Just have a link on the web page that also says what delivery options
>available, if any. :-)  At worst, have an overnight link that goes to
>closest distributor that offers that form.

Good idea.

>            Lee