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RE: Inde CD

>I don't think loadlin can be run directly out of Windows. It needs to
>be run in DOS. Unless maybe you plan on copying over the Windows

Loadlin can be run from within w95 by setting a link (shortcut) to run in
ms-dos mode. This makes windows shutdown, start a dos command intepreter,
then run the dos program. I used this method successfully on a computer I
couldn't get lilo working properly on.

There's a potential problem if the user's ms-dos mode cdrom drivers aren't
setup properly (not uncommon). This could (possibly) be avoided by first
copying loadlin & the boot image to a temp directory on the hd before
exiting windows and starting dos.

In the long run I think it might be simpler to offer two choices: boot from
cd, or make boot floppies. Boot floppies are hard on the instant
gratification scale, but they work. 
Loadlin & related docs/tools could still be included in a DosUtils
directory on the cd.